Defense: Naval Applications and Mine Warfare

1Robotics primary area of expertise for which we supply a wide range of sea based robotic systems (ROV's, UUV's, AUV's, USV's) to ensure success in all naval and mine warfare related activities. Applications include mine hunting (detection, classification, identification and neutralization), reconnaissance, surveillance, target acquisition and training.

1Robotics advantages: Rapid deployment, efficiency, security.


Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), Support for Land forces and render-safe

1Robotics provides ground based robotic systems used for explosive ordnance disposal (EOD). 1Robotics' services
cover total life-cycle protection for its products from the Research and Development stage to field maintenance.
1Robotics also provides field-support for soldiers by performing reconnaissance, Render-Safe, payload transport, pick-up and disposal of threats in life-threatening missions.

1Robotics advantages: Rapid deployment, man portable, rugged, long battery life


Homeland security: Commercial Law Enforcement Systems

Inspection and intervention for key locations including ports, military bases, nuclear plants, offshore platforms
Systems custom configured to customer requirements
1Robotics products are rugged and field tested to guarantee mission critical performance


Training and simulation

1Robotics expertise allows us to provide training and simulation solutions for all applications

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