Turn-Key Packages
1Robotics products may be provided as part of full turn-key systems which include:

Electronics enclosures - security and static protection
Power systems and battery packs
Consoles - Robotic operation, winch control
Launch and recovery systems


Packaged Systems

Littoral monitoring:
- Harbor security
- Mine detection
- Pirate interdiction
- Submarine detection
- Oil spill detection
- Tanker escort
- Bio and Chemical detection
- Hull inspection
- Cruse Ship Monitoring
Special operation:
- Anti-Pirate
- Revering Ops
- Covert surveillance

Commercial inspection:
- Rivers
- Bridges
- Dams
- Ports
- Ocean Farming
- Oil field operation
- Oil spill clean up
- Seismic exploration
- Pipe inspection


Simulators and Training
1Robotics services and products include Simulators with Main Control Consoles (MCCs) to improve the efficiency and maintainability of operations

1Robotics provides maintenance and contracted services of all systems

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