Unmanned Surface
Vehicles (USV)


Inspector: A Common Platform, For Multiple-Missions:

Inspector is a very flexible remote controlled surface platform capable of carrying a large range of sensors allowing using the Inspector for multiple applications, such as:

Firing training for navy crew against fast craft attack and finalization & certification of weapons systems (missiles & artilleries). This configuration the system is delivered with a central remote control panel, a high speed, a towed secondary target and a MDIS (Missile Distance Indicator System) allowing measurement the distance between the missile point of contact and the target

Port & Maritime Security. The vehicle can be fitted with a 360 degree video camera to inspect a suspect ship, a sonar system to inspect an underwater area

Mine detection and neutralization. The vehicle can be fitted with a sonar system, a ROV launch and recovery system and the 1Robotics mine killers allowing to detect, identify and neutralize underwater IED and mines

Main characteristics:

Harbor class vehicle (23 - 36 ft)
Max speed: 35 kts up to sea state 3
Three navigation modes: autonomous, remotely operated, or manually
High additional payload capacity
Easy deployment from dedicated and non dedicated ships


Defense: Fire Training
Defense - Mine Warfare: Detection, identification & neutralization in deep, shallow and very shallow water
Security & defence: Survey, Inspection and Submarine Intervention for area protection

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